Raw Pet Pack

Raw Pet Pack


Pasture Raised RAW Pet Pack
16 available. Order number of Packages. Add raw, nutrient-dense organs to your pet’s diet to keep them happy and healthy. 

All items are fit for human consumption, and are pasture raised, and GMO-free. 

You will receive at least 8lbs of a combination of these items. If you have preferences let us know. (All Packs will include Chicken Backs). 

•Chicken Livers (1lb pack)
•Chicken Backs (3-4lbs pack)
•Chicken Necks (2-3lbs pack)
•Pork Kidney/Heart (1per pack)
•Pork Tongue (1 per pack)
•Chicken Hearts (1lb pack)
•Chicken Drumsticks(1.5-2lb pack)
•Chicken Wings(1.5-2lb pack)

*Liver should never take more than 5% of your pet’s diet. 

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