Let's Go Back Outside

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What did you used to do? Not your activities, your down time, what did it consist of? I went outside. I touched the grass with my feet and the sun with my face and my soul sang songs it hasn’t sung in years. 


The word still causes a visceral reaction. My body remembers afternoons spent lying underneath a backyard oak. 

Over the last decade or two things slowly changed. My socialization no longer took place over the backyard fence but began to take place inside a house, behind a computer screen. I quit lying under the trees and instead filled my house up with plastic plants from Hobby Lobby.

Nate told me last year he felt the land calling him back. I fought it terribly. See the thing about nature is you often don’t realize you are homesick for it because it doesn’t call very loudly.

Sunsets and prairie-grasses blowing in the wind don’t draw your attention like Netflix with surround sound do. 

But we are on the way back. You see, we bought a farm. Our house sits on the top of a hill where you can see the whole sky at once and in the last ten months I’ve seen more sunsets than I have in my entire life. 

And let me tell you about a sunset. The first several I saw did nothing for my soul, they felt two dimensional. I guess if you see enough pictures of sunsets on Facebook the brain has a hard time processing a real one.  But as the months went on, something happened. I began to hear the outside calling. I wanted my feet off the carpet and on the grass and all of a sudden the ceiling wasn’t high enough and I needed the sky. Last week I walked to the middle of the pasture and watched the sun set. The blazing orange glow filled up the western sky and I felt the light wash over my face. I closed my eyes underneath it’s warmth and in awe of it’s beauty. Then I turned and saw in the eastern sky, the most glorious shade of violet I had ever seen. I wept. Has this been here this whole time? Have I really lived twenty-eight years and never seen the eastern sky at sunset? My soul was moved. Stirred. Awakened. 

This is truly how God must have meant for us to live. In touch with Nature, the creature in awe of creation. 

So this blog is that journey, our journey as we remove the veil and return to the land. And we want you to come with us. We feel like we have found a treasure so valuable one can’t help but share. We want to show it to you. 

So come on, let’s go back outside.