How To Make *NOT PERFECT* Bone Broth

Ah, beloved Pinterest. Your reference guide for:

Baking the Perfect cake.

Finding the Perfect man.

Doing the Perfect contour.

Hanging the Perfect gallery wall.

I once used Pinterest to get “Perfect Spilt-End-Free Hair”. It involved a lot of coconut oil and fire and ended quite badly… but let’s save that story for another day.

Our obsession with perfection. Honestly, it’s killing me. 

So often it keeps me (us??) from DOING. And ohh the regret.  If I could take back the years of not doing because I knew I couldn’t do it *PERFECTLY*.

Not making a healthy food choice, because I knew the next one would be bad.

Not writing the letter, because my handwriting was poor.

Not making the phone call, because I only had a minute.

Not planting the garden, because I knew some produce would go to waste.

Not picking up the camera, guitar, paintbrush etc….

Perfectionism is the death of progress. If I can’t run a mile, so often I won’t even take a step! 

I want you to take a step with me today. I took a step recently and it was so liberating I want to share it with you. So come on, let’s make some *NOT PERFECT* Bone Broth together:

Graze Bone Broth (1 of 1)-7.jpg

We are in the middle of a bone broth craze right now. And rightly so. Our ancestors would laugh at us for acting like we discovered something. They used every part of the animal they could and in doing so basically made a Mega Superfood. 

Bones and marrow, skin and feet, tendons and ligaments that you can’t eat directly can be cooked. This causes the bones and ligaments to release healing compounds like collagen (happy skin maker, healthy gut healer, inflammation SLAYER) and tons of amazing minerals that support the immune system. 

Typically we buy it and it costs… a lot. It should! It is an amazing substance. If you are buying bone broth right now I *slow clap* for you. If that is what you can do right now, SAWEET!!! I have spent years buying bone broth and I still do at times. This post is not about making you feel bad for not doing it *PERFECTLY*. You buy that bone broth, baby. In fact, if you need a source for bone broth: BRAISED BONE BROTH COMPANY is a local option for organic bone broth and it is so fabulous. 

But I do want to share how easy the process is with you and if you feel inclined, take that step with me!

Step 1:

Buy and eat a whole chicken. (we sell those!) Super easy, right? I can throw a whole chicken in the crockpot on high for 4 hours and we can eat off of it for at least three meals. It isn’t the meat that makes bone broth awesome it’s, well, the bones. 

Whatever is left— throw into a big stockpot. Don’t have one? Use your crock pot.

Add these ingredients:

A handful of carrots broken in half.

A handful of celery broken in half. 

1 or 2 onions cut in half (unless you are tough, than break them in half). 

Dump in some vinegar (apple cider, white, it DON’T MATTER BABY remember this isn’t a competition, we are just DOING something good for ourselves). 

Add about 4 quarts of water. Don’t know how much a quart is? Thats ok! A bunch of water, alright? Are you feeling me?

Graze Bone Broth (1 of 1)-4.jpg

That’s it! Put in all in the pot and simmer it on low for as long as you can, anywhere from 4 hours- 72 hours. You literally can’t mess it up. I have chosen not to make bone broth before because I felt like the perfect bone broth simmered for 24 hours and I didn’t have that kinda time. I have also not made it because I only had white vinegar on hand instead of Apple-Cider-Vinegar-With-The-Mother-From-Heaven-Made-Of-Pure-Gold-And-Angel-Tears… *GASP*

Instead, I threw the bones away. SILLINESS. Remember, perfectionism is the enemy of progress. 

Throw those bones in that pot, simmer away, strain (I use a colander) salt and pepper to taste and drink. 

Nate Snead