about The Snead Family

Nathan and Kelsey Snead always dreamed of moving their family from the city to the country. With a passion for restorative agriculture and a yearning to live a simpler life, the two found their ideal land nestled in Carlisle, Iowa and quickly made it their own.  Today the Snead's are cultivating the homestead of their dreams and raising wholesome food for the community. With three little boys- Samuel, Tucker, and Jackson- pigs, chickens, cut flowers, and 40 acres to manage, the family has their hands (and hearts) full.

Graze Co. About the Snead Family

our mission

Graze Co. cultivates nourishing, pasture-raised food for the community while using agricultural practices that sustain and heal the land. Our greatest hope is to involve you in the growing and caring of your food,  reconnect you with nature, and inspire simplicity in your own life. You can support our mission by following along on Instagram & Facebook, sharing our business with your loved ones, and buying local through our shop! 

Graze Co. Our Story

our story

In May of 2016 our youngest son came earth-side at the most beautiful home birth imaginable. He was perfect. We laid in bed, ate soup, counted fingers and toes and laughed. We knew something wasn’t right, however, when he went to nurse for the first time and the milk came out of his nose.  One ambulance ride and a few tests later revealed that our baby had a set of  complicated and life-threatening birth defects. The next three months was unimaginable as we spent our days in the hospital, toeing the line between this life and the next with our precious newborn. 

Those months drastically altered who we are as individuals and a family. When you sit at the bedside of your child and the doctors tell you there aren’t anymore options- that as much as they work, they don’t decide who lives and dies- the fragility of life takes on an entirely new meaning. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Not to the old. Not to the middle-aged. Not even to a newborn baby. 



Farming was always in our “tomorrows.” We had been around animals as children and we wanted that for our kids. We would dream about the land and the animals and the adventure we would take “someday.” 

All of a sudden, we knew more than anyone, that someday may never come. 

By the grace of God our youngest is about to celebrate his 2nd birthday. He is completely tube fed but doing very well. He asks everyday to “see the baby chicks”, runs as free as a bird, and climbs hay bales with his older brothers. We are so thankful for him.

And we are also so thankful for the perspective he brought to our lives and the courage he gave us to take the leap. We aren’t from a farming background. It isn’t in our blood, but it was in our dreams and we went for it. We are so glad we did.